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Canna-Lean Starter Guide: Everything You Need to Know about THC Syrup vs Codeine Lean

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Another interesting cannabis product hits the shelves, and with it we got a wide range of questions that we thought we should answer. Introducing Canna-Lean!

Here we go over what it is and how it's made, while comparing it to the product LEAN, a codeine-based product popular among many hiphop and blues songs artists back to the 1970's. Finally, we also go over the best ways to consume Canna-Lean, and end it off with our personal favourite recipes.

He rolled up, asked him what he was sipping on

He said, “Lean, you want to hit it, dawg?”

“That’s the same stuff Weezy’s sipping, huh? And tons of other rappers that be spitting hard?”

—Macklemore, Otherside

What is Canna-Lean?

What is Lean/Purple Drank?

How to Make Canna-Lean?

Best Canna-Lean Recipes


What is Canna-Lean?

It's the new concentrated liquid cannabis that allows you to medicate any drink that you desire!

Okay, maybe it's not thatttt new. This delicious marijuana goodness is based off the popular and potentially dangerous codeine substances called Lean or Purple Drank, although this cannabis form carries non of the same addicting ingredients or intoxicating effects.

Canna-Lean, or THC Syrup, is a cannabis infused liquid made with soluble THC, so you can drink your high rather than smoke or eat it. It's essentially made by heating and mixing water and sugar with a water-soluble concentrate and some vegetable glycerin, before adding some flavours to it. The thick and syrup-like liquid base makes it very versatile, as you can choose to drink it as it is, or mix it with your favourite beverage or alcohol.

In the States, Canna-Lean, also called THC Syrup, has been marketed as a safer alternative to 'Lean', although the two have both very different ingredients and effects.

After consuming 1 full bottle of 1000mg Canna-Lean myself, a 120lbs female who consumes about 1000 mg of edibles and 2 grams of flower on the daily, I can safely say that it is very comparable to the high I get when consuming quality edibles, they surely pack a punch! Mind you, I drank the entire bottle in one sitting on a full stomach with only 1 bong hit in the chamber for the day. The effects took about 20 minutes before I felt them, but once they started to make an appearance, they lasted! The effects were a relaxed, yet pleasant high with a mild tease of creative energy behind it.

What is Lean/Purple Drank?

Unlike the cannabis product, Lean itself is an illicit substance made with codeine cough syrup, soda and hard candy (usually Jolly Ranchers). Since codeine is derived from the same poppy plants as opium, it too is considered a highly addictive and dangerous opioid product.

Lean, also known as Purple Drank, Dirty Sprite, Sizzurp, and Texas Tea among others, first made its rise in 1952 with blues music when it was mixed with beer or wine. By the early 1990's, this tradition of adding cough syrup to drinks was improved among southern Hip-Hop artists when they started to add the hard candy and soda for better flavours. A few google searches for 'Lean Lyrics' really exemplifies just how popular the codeine product has become in the industry with popular names like Lil Wayne, Macklemore, Gucci Mane, 2Chainz, Young Thug, Juicy J, Bow Wow, Justin Bieber are few of the many artists who have confessed their love for lean through lyrics. Lil' Wayne may be one of the more ionic ones with his popular song "Me and my drank"

Sippin' on some drink the colour purple like silly Really they say I should chill before it kills me But so will a car crash or a nine milli And I ain't even mention cigarettes or airplanes So grab a sprite here's a pint we can share Wayne Yea Mayne... tastes so sweet and I ain't gonna have a seat Cuz I don't wanna fall asleep So just pour it in my drink and ima sip until I lean hard Drink got me moving slower than a retard So press record and hear these hot raps I'm in the booth cup on me like a jock-strap And I will not nap until the bottles empty

- Lil Wayne , Me and My Drank

But why so popular? Well, minus the fact that the codeine in the cough syrup is highly addictive as all opioid products are, the artists claim the purple drank gave them lyrical inspiration for their music. Typically, its effects begin to kick in within 30 to 45 minutes, with the peak effects beginning 1 to 2 hours after ingestion and last about 4 to 6 hours. Effects like euphoria, visual and audio hallucinations, and feelings of blurry warmth and comfort. Consumers tend to slouch or lean when they're high on the syrup, which is where it got its name from. But with so many addictions problems and young deaths attributed to the opioid product, we're hoping to see more and more people opt for the cannabis version and hope this trend will bring more and more people away from the opioid products altogether.

How do you make Canna-Lean?

There are a few methods for making your own Canna-Lean, however, here is our favourite!

Step 1.

When using cannabis flower, the first step is to decarboxylate your desired amount of weed.

You can skip this step if you choose to use cannabis concentrates such as wax or hash oil.

To decarboxylate your flower, you want to preheat your oven to 250ºF (121ºC). Place cannabis buds on a non-stick, oven-safe tray. Cover the tray with parchment paper to prevent sticking. Insert the tray into the oven and set a timer for 30 minutes. Older, drier cannabis may require less time.

Step 2.

Make the syrup. Add water to pot. Bring to a simmer, add in sugar and stir until dissolved fully. Add the glycerin and stir until everything is well combined. Add cannabis in and let simmer for 30 mins, stirring occasionally. After simmer, let steep for 10 mins to allow it to thicken.

Step 3.

Strain syrup. Strain syrup through cheesecloth. Squeeze out all of the syrup that you can out of the cannabis inside the cloth. It will seem not thick enough but don't worry, it will thicken up in the bottle as it cools down.

Step 4.

Bottle. Pour syrup in any air tight bottle or jar that you have. Make sure to leave some room as the syrup will thicken as it cools and require more space in the bottle or jar to do so.

Step 5.

Dose carefully. Pour into and mix with any beverage that you want and enjoy. We highly recommend sprite or Crush Soda.

Best Canna-Lean Recipes?

7 Blackberry Grapes:

1 part Grape Flavoured Canna-Lean

+ 2 Parts Blackberry Ginger-ale

+ 1 Part 7UP

+ Ice

Strawberry Cherry Cola:

1 Part Strawberry Flavoured Canna-Lean

+ 3 Parts Cherry Cola

+ Ice

Orange Creamsicle:

1 Part Orange Creamsicle Flavoured Canna-Lean

+ 3 Parts Orange Crush

+ 1 Part Ginger-ale

+ Ice

Kickin' it Old School:

1 Part Berry Flavoured Canna-Lean

+ 1 Part Appleton Jamaican Rum

+ 2 Parts Cranberry

+ 1 Part Pineapple Juice

+ Ice

Strawberry Watermelons

1 Part Strawberry Flavoured Canna-Lean

+ 2 Parts Watermelon Juice

+ 1 Part Sprite

+ Ice

Wanna try out a delicious Cannabis Canna-Lean? We've got 4 delicious flavours at 1000mg each here.

Have any questions, comments or first hand experiences with Lean or Cannalean?

We'd love to hear about it in the comment section BELOW.

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